Eartone and earthquake prediction

[Kikkakedesu] to begin with that was going to write earthquake prediction story. Actually, might sometimes the tinnitus for a long time. Sometimes though it has wondered since the grade-schooler, and played often taking a ride on a bicycle in those days. "Keen(sound.wav:231KB)" The sound rings. ¢[N]?Is there anything?£There is nothing, too, even if the direction where the sound rings is expected to be a desire. When being forget in days of months it how many how many, the sound "Keen" is heard. This is amusing. [Darou] ? whyIt wondered.
Time passed, and it was learnt that it was a class of something and the sound was a wave. ¢[N]?¤It must be a wave of something. £¡What is it though understood somehow there?[Tte] is not understood well even if said. After that, when the earthquake occurred, it knew two kinds of waves came. "Is there something [koryaa] ,?"It worried it whether was an immediate newspaper, a television, and there was an earthquake before and after the tinnitus. Then, the earthquake was noticed to be reported every time surprisingly within roughly one week from the tinnitus day. Indeed, the tinnitus does ahead of the earthquake or it becomes such a conclusion and [mashita] . in me.

Well, it passed in addition, it came to be able to hook up to the Internet even by my home, it searched for the story of the Great Hanshin Earthquake at time, and it searched for the site where the homepage of I related to the earthquake when putting it. Then, the page that has written [tte] : whether it was, and the tinnitus relates to the earthquake prediction.
Other people who say so are [] levers that are now, the animal is freely researching the relation between the tinnitus and the earthquake prediction thinking like being considerably true well there is there is not a mystery even if there is this something ahead of the earthquake because it is a story that ..[] that takes the aberrant behavior.. often hears saying, and man is an animal either)(like homework for the summer vacation.

Then, do you feel it ..what..?[Tte] and hey, it goes to live and "Keen" is ? from the state in roaring [ki] coming ..going out.. ..saying... Well, and up to it ..cod.. disappears for 30 seconds by the beaten feeling, it disappears, and the porn is such its feeling of a piano keyboard (loud tones as much as possible) with the finger because no [-] ..along.. though it is a sound of the said ..encounter.. ..[-].. feeling though did the tinnitus of such a case for a good long stretch.
It is small, and doesn't occasionally notice considerably when the sound is small if the sound is occasionally large. The tinnitus has only either ear always. The earthquake seems to occur ..[de].. roughly in that direction (However, though it becomes within the right or the range of the left [nande] 180 degrees). => thinks the direction to be unrelated too much recently when the record is applied afterwards.

It thinks because it becomes it, and it doesn't understand well however in the personal opinion if it turns the heat to the stone it is likely to relate to the generated electromagnetic radiation though it doesn't understand what kind of mechanism to become still well. It is feeling imaging it like a left picture. From hypocenter to person standing up, and image of transmitting wave motion what it is
The opinion and the impression : here please.

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